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In Siberia, Russia, Andrei Abramovichi and his wife prepared to have their first child. Andrei was not rich but he was able to supply for their future family.

One day, when Andrei's wife went into labor, Andrei was unable to get to his wife's side in time. When he arrived, he was told that his wife died in labor. However, she had twins. Siamese twins that were connected by the shoulder. Abramovichi was disgusted by his children. They were freaks of nature and, to make it worse, they killed the love of his life. He hated the children.

Not long after having them, Andrei took the twins to a nearby river. He stood on the bridge with the children over his head, ready to kill them. The man could not go through with the act, though. He had another idea.

Andrei delivered the conjoined twins to a circus director's doorstep. He put them in a basket and left a note asking that he take care of them. The circus man agreed and the twins, later named Hammer and Sickle were adopted by the circus where they spent most of their life.



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