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Quote1.png You spent so long in that robot body that you forgot what having a relationship is like... or maybe you never knew. I don't know which is sadder. Quote2.png
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Andrej Trojan was the founder and CEO of the Trojan Solutions.[1]

Superman of Metropolis

Metropolis is at war: entrepreneur and inventor Andrej Trojan kicked Lex Luthor out of the city, then created a new technology, called Brain Cells, and started to control people with nanotechnology. He started the Free Republic of Metropolis, and with his zealots he raised war inside the city. When the United States Army came to fight back, Trojan left, with his followers, and the mess, remaining to collide with soldiers. The city is a battlefield, and in this battlefield a child screams in terror. This sound is something that will always make Superman come, no matter who Superman right now is.[2]

And so Jon Kent, Superman of Metropolis, comes in aid of the child, stopping both the zealots and the Army, not siding with anyone but with peace. But he is questioned by the Army general standing there: why he still refuses to destroy Brain Cells, the dangerous technology that is ruling Metropolis right now? The answer the Army does not know is that this creature has a bond with both Jon and Kara Zor-El, Supergirl. In his first adventure as the new Superman, he and Kara fought against Brainiac, in what was his final performance. As they defeated him, Trojan got some of Brainiac genetic material: his skin. And with it, he created this mysterious creature, who lives and thinks and acts of her own will.[2]

Midnighter: Future State

Andrej Trojan has transcended human mortality by transferring his consciousness to a robotic body that he made in the exact likeness of Apollo (Andrew Pulaski).[1] On the Chrysalis satellite, he was overseeing the production of Nirodhium, a new energy source deadlier than Kryptonite. He was surprised by the arrival of Apollo's husband, Midnighter, a member of The Authority, who was on the hunt for the Nirodhium to shut it down before it gets unleashed on an unsuspecting universe.[3]

Trojan intended to use Nirodhium, which was considered waste on the Warworld, to force humanity, all forms of life, to transcend as he did, and to kill those who refused to do so.[1]



Other Characteristics

  • Misanthropy: Trojan hates people. His idea of ​​transcendence is to make them slaves to his technology.[2]




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