Andrej Trojan is the founder and CEO of the Trojan Solutions.[1]

Midnighter: Future State

Andrej Trojan has transcended human mortality by transferring his consciousness to a robotic body that he made in the exact likeness of Apollo (Andrew Pulaski).[1] On the Chrysalis satellite, he was overseeing the production of Nirodhium, a new energy source deadlier than Kryptonite. He was surprised by the arrival of Apollo's husband, Midnighter, a member of The Authority, who was on the hunt for the Nirodhium to shut it down before it gets unleashed on an unsuspecting universe.[2]

Trojan intended to use Nirodhium, which was considered waste on the Warworld, to force humanity, all forms of life, to transcend as he did, and to kill those who refused to do so.[1]




  • Misanthropy: Trojan hates people. His idea of ​​transcendence is to make them slaves to his technology.[3]




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