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Quote1.png I was made deputy ops because of my military expertise. We have a hundred techies and geniuses downstairs who can put together computers. I'm here because I can put together a war. Quote2.png
Andrew Lincoln src

Col. Andrew Lincoln is the leader of the Blackhawk Program, a clandestine military unit funded by the United Nations.

Col. Lincoln lead the team on their first recorded mission was a covert operation to Kazakhstan. However the colonel and his team fight a group of terrorists at an airport and take them down successfully; someone snaps a picture of the team on his iPhone, which sparked the attention of the United Nations. One of his team Kunoichi was bitten by an enemy soldier and when she returned to the Eyrie, she found she'd been infected with "nanocites," that granted her super-strength. The nanocites were designed by Mother Machine, a techno-organic being herself, who used the technology to destroy a metahuman detainment facility in Asia.