Andrew Paquette (b. 1965) is an artist.

Professional History

First published work is an illustration in the New York Times Op-ed page in 1988. First comic-related publication is a single page illustration in Hellraiser Book of the Damned in 1990. First full comic story is in Hamilton Comics horror title. First Marvel comic is Hellraiser #14.

Started as illustrator in New York City, then become comic book artist in 1991-1994. After this, transitioned to video games, then feature films, and is presently a senior lecturer and program designer at an academy for CG artists in the Netherlands. Has published two books on computer graphics, and one on precognitive dreams. Has also published peer-reviewed academic articles on psi in dreams.

Work History


Co-creator of "Harsh Realm", later made into TV series of same name by X-Files producer Chris Carter

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