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Quote1.png I named myself after a god to give people hope. They need symbols. Like I did when I was young. I give up part of who I am so I can be more. For them. It's not pride. It's sacrifice. Quote2.png
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Andrew Pulaski, code name Apollo, is a StormWatch operative.


Andrew Pulaski grew up in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.[2] When he was 12 years old, he came out to his family. Andrew's father sent him to live with his Aunt and they didn't speak again.[3] At the age of 13, he was abducted by aliens and experimented upon, which gave him super powers on par with Superman.[4]

Realizing he had powers, he set out to do good, but mostly from the sidelines. Among his exploits was killing a child pornography ring. He did not consider himself a hero so when he was approached by StormWatch, he was initially hesitant to join.[5] He was interested in partnering with Midnighter, though Martian Manhunter persuaded them both to join, as their powers could prove useful.[6]


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  • Power Loss: Apollo can not stay long without exposing himself to the Sun, which drains his powers.

  • Andrew is dating Midnighter. They are currently living together.[1]
  • Andrew was inspired by the Greek god Apollo when he chose his alias because the mighty sun god also loved a man, named Hyacinth.[7]