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Quote1.png Side effect of having superhero parents and a village of ocean gods looking out for you. Princess Andy knows no fear. Quote2.png
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Andrina "Andy" Curry is the daughter of Aquaman and Mera.

Although Arthur and Mera loved each other the political situation in Atlantis meant it was impossible for them to be together, so when Mera revealed that she was pregnant Arthur panicked, seeing parallels with the circumstances of his own birth and childhood. He tried to leave to think the situation through, and Mera killed him in a fit of rage.[2]

After an adventure with ancient sea gods on the mystical island of Unspoken Water, Arthur would eventually return to life and settled in Amnesty Bay, while Mera remained in Atlantis. Black Manta destroyed an ancient Atlantean historical site to draw Mera to the surface, where she and Aquaman met and wordlessly reconciled. Manta attacked the pair with Mecha Manta, which Mera destroyed. However, the huge amounts of hydrokinetic power she was forced to use put her in a coma; she was rushed to an Atlantean hospital and gave birth shortly afterwards. Arthur was present for his daughter's birth, and fell in love with her instantly, losing all of his trepidation about becoming a father or the kind of life they could have together.[3] He named her Andy, the name he used while amnesiac and stranded on Unspoken Water.[4]

Andy spent the first ten months of her life being raised in Amnesty Bay by her father and his extended group of friends and allies. She and Arthur would regularly sneak into Atlantis to visit the still-comatose Mera in secret. Andy was perpetually happy and had no understanding of risk or danger.[5]

When Vulko announced his upcoming marriage to Mera, Andy was abducted from her crib by Lernaea, acting on the orders of her uncle, the Ocean Master.[6] Orm ordered Lernaea to leave Andy where she would be discovered and adopted by surface dwellers, hoping that her disappearance would drive a wedge between Vulko and Aquaman. However, Lernaea instead hid Andy in a sunken shipwreck, hoping to befriend and play with the young princess.

Using the remains of Mecha Manta, Arthur, Tula and Aqualad were able to track Andy to the shipwreck and rescue her. After spending one more night with his daughter, Aquaman handed Andy over to Wee for safe keeping while he dealt with Orm's plans.[7]

After Orm was defeated and the monarchy was abolished, Andy was reunited with her parents, who made their home in Amnesty Bay. She was also present at the wedding of Arthur and Mera.[1] Her parents took her along with them when they went to Atlantis to fight off an attack by the forces of the Frost King, which Andy responded to with characteristic glee.[8]

She and Aqualad were attacked by pirates during a family vacation while her parents were occupied elsewhere. Jackson just barely managed to protect her until they were rescued by Mera. As always, Andy was unconcerned by the danger but Jackson asked Arthur to step up his training so he would be able to keep Andy safe in the future.[9]


  • Atlantean Hybridized Physiology: Andy's heritage is 3/4 Atlantean and 1/4 human. As such her body is naturally adapted to survive underwater.
    • Amphibian: Andy is able to breathe underwater indefinitely, but can also survive on land for prolonged periods without ill effect.[3][6] She is able to speak while submerged.[7]
  • Hydrokinesis: As a descendant of the Xebellian royal family Andy possesses the mystical ability to control water. She demonstrates this power even as a baby, although she is currently only able to manipulate a few drops.[9]



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