Andrzej "Andy" Taszycki, nicknamed Bullet, was a member of Team Zero.

Andrzej Taszycki enlisted in the U.S. Army on September 9th, 1940 and was part of the 82nd Airborne's 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Taszycki is notorious for his psychotic behavior in cruelly killing prisoners and potentially in even killing his fellow soldiers, which he was especially seen in pushing two German POWs off a bridge and given a warning from his lieutenant that he will be sent home on a mental in which Taszycki threatened him to back off at gunpoint. Taszycki was recruited into Team Zero and given the codename "Bullet" - something which he unsatisfying find his and his comrades' codenames as being queer. During Team Zero's initiation, Taszycki was racially disrespectful towards his Japanese-American teammate Samuel Nakadai in which he retaliated by physically overpowering Taszycki, who then pulled out a straight razor to seriously harm Nakadai but only to be quickly subdued by Lt. Chester Brophy.

Taszycki was then part of Operation: Blue Plate where he was separated from Team Zero while parachuting over Karlshagen during a snow squall. He was manically gunning down unsuspected German soldiers - most of which were young boys - before being stopped by Marc Slayton by pointing his gun at his (Taszycki's) head. The two then came under fire from more arriving Germans before being saved by Lt. Brophy and reunited with their teammates. Team Zero successfully procure the German rocket scientists and as well capturing a detachment of Germans as POWs; the latter was met with dissatisfaction from Taszycki who saw this as a mistake for keeping them alive while behind enemy lines, which his commanding officer Deathblow downplay his protest and ordered him to escort the prisoners to the town's chapel.[1] Taszycki and his team later learned that their extraction is compromised and compliantly agreed to Slayton's plans on awaiting American forward units. When Soviet forces arrived into Karlshagen, Taszycki was uninvolved in seeing a German family being harassed by Soviet soldiers in which he was angered to see his teammate Grifter gunning down the harassers and blaming him for bringing Russian retaliation on their team.[2] Ultimately, Taszycki participated in defending Karlshagen from an advancing and larger Soviet force and was distrustful on the idea of allying with the German POWs, as he believed that they would either desert or turned on Team Zero. He was partnered with Brophy in leading a small German group in defending a narrow road leading into the town and destroying Soviet armor. Brophy was then killed in battle in which Taszycki, in desperation, killed some of the German recruits and surrendered to the Soviets. He then betrayed his team by cooperating with his handlers in revealing the town's defenses which he heartlessly declares that his betrayal is "anything for the war effort."[3]

Despite his betrayal, however, Taszycki was forced to cross a minefield at gunpoint by a tank to prove that the field is a deception. Miraculously the tank was then exploded by an actual landmine allowing Taszycki to run away. When he reached back into the town, his team had already learned of his treachery, where he was confronted and gun down by Slayton.[4]


Close quarters combat

  • Taszycki is an amphetamine user, which he claims the drug keeps him sharp.



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