Andromache was once one of two prized students of Zealot who started the Coda Sisterhood by training human Coda Warriors, giving birth to the myth of the Amazons.

Together alongside Artemis and Zealot, Andromache established a hidden Coda city on Mt. Themyscira in Greece to found the Sisterhood.

After Zealot was branded a traitor, Andromache took over the role of Majestrix, leader of the Coda. Under her rule, the Coda began selling their skills to the highest bidders and became less noble warriors and more power hungry conquerors and mercenaries. They also began establishing smaller Coda bases around the world. Though Mt. Themyscira still proved to be the oldest and most sacred of homes to the Amazons, the Coda have also been shown to reside in a massive island which was also named Themyscira.

Sometime later, Andromache, thanks to Delphae, went with a phalanx of her finest to kill Artemis after finding out Artemis' plan to overthrow her as leader. In the resulting battle, Artemis and Zealot fought together again, to repel the Coda's fighters. In the end, Artemis took a fatal blow aimed at Zealot (a violation of the Coda's precepts). The involvement of Zealot in a fight that wasn't hers (Andromache was there for Artemis, not Zealot) made her understand that the bond was still vivid in both of them. The battle ended when Grifter put his gun to Andromache's head ordering her to withdraw or die. She withdrew, swearing revenge against Zealot and Artemis for their offense.[1]

Andromache appeared again when her Coda warriors managed to kidnap Zealot and she tortured her as punishment on the island of Themyscira for her many offenses. She led the Coda during the island assault by members of the Halo Corporation who tried to rescue Zealot, Agent Orange, and their other imprisoned allies. After Jack Marlowe managed to teleport his allies away from the island, Andromache and her allies died when Agent Chandler of the FBI set off a series of powerful explosives which destroyed her and the island.[2]


  • Decelerated Aging: Andromache participated in a Coda blood-tying ceremony whereupon she was infused with a quantity of Kherubim blood. The blood of these immortal beings ensured that members of the Coda Sisterhood would cease to physically age, and live well beyond the average lifespan of a normal human being.




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