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Andromeda is one of the Amazons of Themyscira.

Andromeda is one of the five new Amazons that sprung from the Well of Souls in the modern era centuries after Nubia, the current queen of the Amazons, who had been the last until then.[1]

During the activities to discover the abilities of the new Amazons, Andromeda excelled in athletics, impressing Nubia and Philippus.[1]

When she sparred with Nubia at the Victor's Circle, she hesitate and started having flashback of her past life, which turns out she and Nubia have encountered before and became friends in Man's World. After the event, Medusa followed her then possessed her body.[2]

It was later revealed that in her previous life Andromeda was named Ms. Knight, an elementary school teacher from Chicago, USA. During a school visit to a city museum, Nubia saved her and the children from a Manticore attack, and later saved her from the harassment of an unknown man on the street. They quickly found themselves attracted to each other, and started a relationship that, unfortunately, was doomed to end too soon.[3]