Angel O'Day is the daughter of famed adventuer Professor Theo O'Day. Angel did not know her mother as she died when she was very young. Whilst growing up her father the Professor's was married to the retired super-heroine called Princess Power, and their common child was the super-strong but mentally deficient girl Athena Tremor, later known as Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five.

Having most of her family members having superhuman strength, Angel O'Day grew up with a massive inferiority complex, which she tried to compensate by over performing in school and in arts such as fencing, Kung Fu, Jarate, sharpshooting and foreign languages.

While working as a translator for a shipping company, she uncovered a massive smuggling operation. With the reward money, she opened up a detective agency, something she has never regretted. Her father's best friend, famed Chinese detective Charlie Chum, taught Angel all he knew about detective work.


  • Investigation: Angel is a superb detective with a keen eye.
  • Multilingualism: Angel is very intelligent and well-educated, knows twelve languages (Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Dutch Afrikaans, Swahili, Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin, Spanish, German, Russian, and Atlantean),
  • Marksmanship: Angel is an excellent shot.
  • Martial Arts: Angel is a superior hand to hand combatant, with extensive knowledge of karate and Kung Fu, plus a special martial art adapted to battle gorillas.
  • Fencing: She is also an "A"-rated fencer.


  • .45 Super: Stainless steel Detonic 45 ACP as her prime weapon.
  • Angel O'Day made an appearance in Crisis On Infinite Earths #11 as one of the detectives who was with Jonni Thunder examining the death of Angle Man in a Las Vegas hotel room.