"Dark Revelations": Continued from Angel Love #8...

Angel Love Special #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 1987.

Appearing in "Dark Revelations"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Mother Love
  • Doctor Chin
  • Mister Bum
  • Lola
  • Cindy




Synopsis for "Dark Revelations"

Continued from Angel Love #8...

Upon breaking into Maureen McMeal's apartment and threatening her with a gun, Angel Love is surprised that finally the woman she knows as Mary Beth Love now acknowledges her as her sister. Of course, Mary Beth laughs at her sister's attempt to threaten her life with what's actually a toy squirt gun until Angel uses it to douse a cigarette that Mary Beth begins to light up. Soon Mary Beth reveals why she left home and adopted the identity of Maureen McMeal: her father had raped her when she was a child, and she was too embarrassed to tell anybody in her family about it. Despite this, Mary Beth is unwilling to go along with helping their mother with a bone marrow donation -- until Angel threatens to reveal Maureen McMeal's secret to the public, though promising she would never tell the press about their father. Using her connections, Mary Beth gets a helicopter with which she uses to fly her and her sister to Scranton, PA in order to reach the hospital in time while telling her campaign office why she is doing it and to keep this information away from the press. At the hospital, Mary Beth is tested for bone marrow compatibility by Doctor Chin and is found to be a perfect match. However, not wanting to waste any time, Mary Beth has the bone marrow extraction done and shortly thereafter attempts to leave the hospital. Unfortunately, she barely gets out the door when she is flooded by reporters wanting to get the scoop on who Maureen McMeal really is.

As Angel Love spends some time in her mother's house waiting for her to recover, she gets in touch with Wendy, who now has an advance from her mother that would allow her to become a television actress, which to her is better than a stage actress. Angel also sees Mary Beth in a television press conference, admitting to her deception that cost her the candidacy and that she did it to help her mother recover. But a sad postscript to this comes in a phone call from Mary Beth, who is now angry with Angel that the information about their relationship has somehow leaked out and that she's going to leave her family life behind forever. Though heartbroken, Angel feels Mary Beth's departure is for the better, saying she survived without her sister before and she will do so again now.

When Angel Love returns to New York City, she enters her apartment and finds no one there waiting for her. She makes phone calls to her friend Cindy and only gets the answering machine. Saddened, Angel goes to the restaurant where she works and finds that all her friends are there, greeting her with a welcome-home surprise that makes her happy.


  • This was released some months after the final issue of the Angel Love series was published to conclude the Mary Beth story line that was in progress.
  • The only issue published in the Angel Love series of stories that had "For Mature Readers" posted on the front cover.


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