Angel Rojas was the head police chief of the Gotham City Police Department during the time of the Batman's first appearances in Gotham City.

For Rojas, he carries a very unfavorable view of the Batman and firmly believed the vigilante represent the worst aspect of the criminal element. Believing there is no room for vigilante justice in Gotham, Rojas has made capturing the Batman a top priority. However, his pursuit of the Batman had put him at odds with Detective Ethan Bennett, who is a supporter of the Batman.

When the Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum for a third time, Rojas heavily institute a capture of all costumed criminals, even including the Batman.

Ultimately, the tension between Rojas and Bennett reached a boiling point after the latter was rescued from the Joker by Batman and publicly denouncing the chief's claims about the vigilante. In response, Rojas suspended Bennett. However, Rojas' words with Bennett worsen the detective's sanity and succumbing into the Clayface persona, who come after Rojas as his first thought in his newly warped mind. Despite valiant attempts by Clayface, Rojas was protected by Detective Ellen Yin and the Batman.

Rojas continued his manhunt for Batman until an incident with the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler led to Rojas being replaced by newly appointed Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, who then ended the manhunt and goes public with his support for the Batman much to Rojas' chagrin.

Following his replacement, Rojas still remained at the GCPD. He was later present at Ethan Bennett's court hearing where he was visibly disgruntled at the news of Bennett's claims that he was reformed.

  • Chief Rojas was voiced by Edward James Olmos for his first appearance. However, for the remainder of the series, the character was voiced by Jesse Corti.



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