Quote1 Bane's lieutenant. Putting you away should set him back. Quote2
-- Batman src

Angel Vallelunga is the primary enforcer for the masked terrorist Bane. Vallelunga served with Bane in the Pena Duro detention facility in Santa Prisca, but details of his incarceration are suspiciously scarce, and he is not believed to have had a criminal record prior to his incarceration. How he acquired the nickname "Bird" is unknown, but there is no record of him ever using it during his time in Pena Duro. Bane and Bird escaped from Pena Duro during a massive riot, and when they formed a gang comprised of mercenaries and fellow Santa Prisca escapees, Bird became Bane's second in command. After years of mercenary work, the gang arrived in Gotham City during Bruce Wayne's second year as Batman. While Bane focused on "breaking the Bat," Bird concentrated on securing the gang's foothold in Gotham's underworld. He began using the My Alibi nightclub as his base of operations, and became embroiled in turf wars with Penguin and Black Mask. Eventually, Batman traveled to My Alibi and captured Bird after a short fight.




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