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In New York City, Angel and the Ape, operate as Private investigators under the name of O'Day and Simeon.


The duo met many years ago when Angel accompanied her father, Professor Theo O'Day, on an African safari. Professor O'Day had already encountered a tribe of subterranean Amazons, and met and fell in love with their members called Princess Power. The couple had a daughter, Athena Tremor, who would grow up to become the Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five. On this occasion, he and his second daughter, Angel, stumbled into the vicinity of Gorilla City.

Sam Simeon had wandered off from the hidden city due to headaches associated with Sam's grandfather, Gorilla Grodd. Sam followed Angel back to the United States, while Angel trained in a variety of intellectual and physical disciplines, Sam doodled on a sketch pad and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist.

Sam eventually took home a semi-regular paycheck as a freelance artist, illustrating the comic book Deus Ex Machina Man, while assisting Angel on the cases that walked through the door of O'Day & Simeon. His telepathic "force of mind" allows him to occasionally trick others into overlooking the fact that he's a quarter-ton gorilla.

The pair is still active in the detective business. Never looking for trouble, mild-mannered Sam finds it anyway whenever he's in Angel's company.

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