Quote1 There are people who believe that this world is fair and good... That it's all lollipops and rainbows. I remember what happened to my parents. You remember what happened to your parents. You and me, Topher, we don't do lollipops and rainbows. Because we know those are pretty colors that just hide what the world really is... black and white. Quote2
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Angela Abar is a masked Tulsa police detective known as "Sister Night".

Angela was born 1976 in Vietnam. When Angela was ten, her parents were killed by a bomb, built by a Vietnamese man who opposed the American occupation of his country (which had been turned into an American state). Angela was sent to an orphanage, but was almost brought back to the United States, by her grandmother. However, her grandmother died, before they left, and Angela remained in Vietnam.[1]

When Angela grew up, she became a police officer. In 2009, Angela met Dr. Manhattan in a bar and entered a relationship with him. After Dr. Manhattan used a device to suppress his powers and memories, Angela moved with Dr. Manhattan (now called "Cal") to Tulsa and joined the local police force. She also married Cal.[2]

Because she was a police officer, Angela was attacked and almost killed by members of the Seventh Kalvary, as part of an attack on Tulsa police officers. However, Angela survived, thanks to Cal using his powers. After this event, to protect the identities of police officers, it became required practice for them to wear masks. Officially, Angela resigned from the force, opening a bakery. Secretly, Angela created the costumed persona of "Sister Night" and continued serving as a police detective.[3] She also adopted the children, of a fellow officer, who had been killed.

In 2019, Angela received a mysterious call from an elderly man named Will Reeves, whom she found beneath a tree, which Judd Crawford (the chief of police) had been hung from.[3] Rather than reporting it, Angela took Will Reeves to her bakery, doubting his story about having hung Crawford himself. Checking the DNA of Will Reeves, Angela discovered that he was her grandfather.[4]

Investigating the case, behind the backs of her fellow officers, Angela discovered a Klan robe in Crawford's closet. With help from powerful allies, Will Reeves managed to escape her custody,[4] but left pills called Nostalgia behind. After her cover-up of the investigation into the death of Crawford was exposed to the police, Angela took all the Nostalgia pills (that had been programmed with her grandfather's memories). Through this, Angela learned that her grandfather had been Hooded Justice, the first of the masked crime fighters of the 1940s.[5]

After recovering, having learned about the Seventh Kalvary's plan to capture Dr. Manhattan (Cal), Angela removed the device from Cal's head and restored his powers. But she was unable to stop his capture by the Seventh Kalvary. However, she quickly realized that the Seventh Kalvary were mere pawns in the hands of Lady Trieu, who wanted Dr. Manhattan's powers for herself. She watched, as Dr. Manhattan was seemingly killed by Lady Trieu, but Lady Trieu was herself killed by Adrian Veidt, before she could gain the powers of Dr. Manhattan. Afterwards, Angela went home with her adopted children, where she found a single raw egg in the kitchen. Remembering what Dr. Manhattan had told her, ten years earlier, and what he had told her grandfather, Angela considered that he might have transferred his powers into the egg. Granting her his powers, if she ate it. She walked out to their pool, ate the egg and moved her foot to the surface of the water, to see if she could walk on it.[6]




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