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Quote1.png People who wear masks are driven by trauma. They’re obsessed with justice because of some injustice they suffered, usually when they were kids. Ergo, the mask. It hides the pain. Quote2.png
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Detective Angela Abar is an ambitious and emotional masked police detective for the Tulsa PD, where she is known under the codename Sister Night. She was secretly married to Doctor Manhattan, and was instrumental in unraveling the conspiracy of the Seventh Kavalry and Cyclops in Tulsa in 2019.

Childhood in Vietnam

Angela Abar was born on January 15, 1976 in Vietnam to Marcus and Elise Abar, a few months before the godlike hero Doctor Manhattan won the Vietnam War for America and it was claimed as the fifty-first United State. Her kind and loving parents raised her to be polite and sweet, and didn't expose her true heritage to her for the ten years they were together. In 1986, Angela's parents were killed on VVN Day in front of her via a suicidal terrorist bombing by a Vietnamese man who opposed the American occupation of his country.

Angela's future begins

She was sent to a harsh and cruel orphanage for several months, where she helped the police identify the man who assisted the suicide bomber who killed her parents. When it was all over, the police officer heading the investigation handed handed Angela her badge and told her she could be a great detective some day, and to give it a try in the future.

Angela remained in the orphanage for a time after, but her paternal grandmother learned of the death of her son and came to Vietnam to take Angela home to Oklahoma. The two formed a great bond almost instantly, and looked like they might be going right for once. However, her grandmother died of a sudden heart attack just before they left, and Angela remained in Vietnam for the rest of her childhood. The officer's words stuck with her, however, and she became a police officer when she grew up, fueled by the tragedy and injustice she'd seen in her life. At some point, she made it a tradition to spend VVN Night alone at the local bar, as a commemoration to her parents' death. In adulthood, Angela grew to be friendly and caring, but also highly ambitious, dedicated to her job, and protective of her privacy.[1]

Relationship with Doctor Manhattan

Angela meets Jon for the first time

On VVN Night in 2009, a man dressed as and wearing a mask of Doctor Manhattan offered Angela a drink and company in the bar. After some demonstration of his precognitive abilities, Angela allowed the man to sit. The man claimed to be Jon Osterman, Doctor Manhattan himself, in reality, wearing a plastic mask of his face to avoid being recognized, who had come to meet her because the timeline insisted that the two fall in love. She initially dismissed this, and while she didn't outright believe him at first, she allowed him to stay for her amusement. As he told her outlandish tales about paradises on Europa, witnessing sex from a closet, and their relationship lasting ten years, despite her telling him to leave at one point, all before a tragic end, and even demonstrated his powers for her, she became more and more entertained and engaged in the man. The tipping point seemed to be when Jon created an egg in his hand, claiming he'd transferred his power to it, and if she ate it she could theoretically walk on water. By the end of the night, she had agreed to a date with him a few days later, beginning the ten happy years Jon prophesied.

Soon, Angela realized that in order for their relationship to work, they would have to disguise Jon permanently. The two traveled to the morgue at Angela's police station, and looked at several bodies of men without known families to miss them. After much consideration, they settled on the appearance of a man named Calvin Jelani, and Angela and Jon properly became a couple.

The early days of their relationship were very happy and sweet, but soon turned sour when Angela began to notice Jon being more distracted, his perception of time ensuring he would never be in a single place in his head. Unsatisfied and fearing that the happiest time in her life would soon be over, Angela yelled at Jon and told him to focus, something he was unable to do. Sensing her distress, Jon told her he needed her to tell him to leave to preserve the timeline, which she did reluctantly. Upon him doing so, she burst into tears, assuming she'd ended a nearly perfect relationship that neither of them felt was ready to end.

Angela kisses Jon goodbye, welcoming Cal

Jon, however, had an idea, and when he left, he traveled to meet with Adrian Veidt, the smartest man in the world, and Jon's former teammate turned enemy, both with great respect, during their times as superheroes. He returned to Angela with a gift from his friend, a disc designed to look like his forehead symbol that, when placed on his skull, would suppress his powers and memories until removed. Jon gave Angela the choice to either stay together with him as he was, or to have him become himself in essence and personality, but lose all of his memories and abilities, starting the period of their love that Jon had claimed was hard to see the night they met. Angela chose to use the device, after a tearful goodbye, and called this new man "Calvin 'Cal' Abar". When he awoke, Angela told him he was in a horrible car accident and had amnesia because of it. She told him that she was his fiance, and that they were planning to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma after their wedding. Cal believed this, and the two began anew, now much happier and more comfortable than they had been before. They were married and moved to Tulsa, where Angela joined the local police department.[2]

In the Tulsa PD, she became the partner and close friend of fellow officer Doyle, even getting to know his three kids, Topher, Rosie, and Emma, very well.[3]

The White Night

For several years, Cal and Angela were incredibly happy together. However, unbeknownst to them and the rest of the Tulsa PD, a white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kalvary was planning an attack on all police officers in the town. At midnight on Christmas, 2016, the Kavalry members simultaneously attacked the houses of every police officer in Tulsa, including the Abar house. Angela was shot in the stomach by an intruder, causing Cal's inner power as Jon to briefly activate out of panic, teleporting the man to Gila Flats, where Jon became Doctor Manhattan in 1959.

Angela after being shot by a Kavalry member

A disoriented Cal took Angela to the hospital, where she was saved and later informed by her boss, Chief Judd Crawford, that nearly every cop in Tulsa was dead, and they were among the only survivors. The victims included her partner Doyle, as well as his wife Ginny, whose children Angela decided to adopt. After the massacre, later known as "the White Night", to protect the identities of police officers, it became required practice for them to wear masks. Officially, Angela resigned from the force, opening a bakery in the town square. Secretly, however, Angela created the costumed persona of "Sister Night" and continued serving as a police detective in secret from her new kids. Over the course of the next three years, she gained a close working relationship with some of her fellow masked officers, mainly the sheltered and soft-spoken Looking Glass, and violent and rude Red Scare. Angela gained her closest friends, however, in Judd Crawford and his wife, Jane. She invited the Crawfords over to her house to play with her new adopted children several times, unaware it was a ploy by the couple, secretly Kavalry members themselves, to get close to Doctor Manhattan, who they now knew the identity of.[4][3][1][5]

Death of Judd Crawford

By 2019, Angela had grown accustomed to the freedoms of the mask, and used it and its liberties to express the anger and rage built up in its suppression over the past thirty-three years. Despite her seeming more or less the same and morally knowing it was wrong, the mask and violence were starting to make her more emotional and aggressive than before, and a thought to be cathartic release was doing more harm to her mind than good.

After three years of silence since the White Night, the Seventh Kavalry made clear their return, shooting an officer and releasing a video claiming more cops would die if the Tulsa PD didn't get out of their way and allow them to do what they felt was their duty. Thus began a new investigation attempting to find the Kavalry and expose their plan, headed by Angela in her Sister Night persona, Chief Crawford, Looking Glass, Red Scare, and Red's partner, codenamed Pirate Jenny. After a huge hit on a Kavalry base, Angela invited the Crawfords over for a celebration. That same night, a few hours after the Crawfords left, Angela received a mysterious call from an elderly man named Will Reeves, who told her to come immediately to the oak tree out on Rolland Hill. When she arrived there, she saw two figures underneath a tree close to the house, who she soon realized were Will Reevesm sitting in a wheelchair, and Judd Crawford, hanging by a noose from one of the tree's branches.[4] Rather than reporting it, Angela took Will to her bakery, doubting his story about having hung Crawford himself. On Will's instruction, she went to Crawford's house during his wake and, after meeting Oklahoma senator Joe Keene, pretended to faint as a way to rest in Judd's bedroom. Once alone, she checked out his closet and discovered a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood behind a hidden door.

She took the garments to Will, who acted rather coy about the situation. Annoyed and hurt, she decided to check Will's DNA, and discovered that he was her grandfather, confirming her suspicion grown from his knowledge of her and familiar look. Furious and confused, Angela finally made the call to take Will in, and took him to her car. No sooner did she take him in the car that a magnet pod from Lady Trieu's Millennium Clock construction site picked up the car and flew it away with Will still inside, leaving behind only a hurt and rather bewildered Angela.[3]

The day after, Angela, Cal, and Topher attended Crawford's funeral. There they met FBI member, Special Agent Laurie Blake, and were threatened by a Kavlary suicide bomber. After Agent Blake shot the bomber and Angela saved everyone from the bomber, she investigated the way he'd come in. Agent Blake then threatened her to stop "protecting" Judd's racism, even revealing she knew she was Sister Night, but Angela ignored the warning. After comforting her family a bit, Angela donned her Sister Night costume and went to investigate her lineage further. No sooner had she finished then she heard a great crash, and ran in ts direction to find Agent Blake standing next to her broken, battered car, laughing like a madwoman.[6][7]

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  • Angela Abar/Sister Night was portrayed by Regina King. As a child she was portrayed by Faithe Herman.
  • Angela was one of many original characters created for HBO's Watchmen series.
  • The ambiguity behind whether or not Angela recieves Osterman's powers was not meant to be ambiguous at all. According to Damon Lindelof, he thinks she definitely walks on the water, but he wants to see what his successor will do with it.[8]
  • Angela's home phone number is (539)176-2442.[3]