Quote1 This is Angela Chen reporting live from the site of the LexCorp Guardian launch where the unthinkable has happend. Lift off went as planned for Lex Luthor's Guardian project, but then, moments after booster seperation an explosion rocked the craft. LexCorp mission control is doing everything they can to regain contact with the distressed vessel. But, try as they may what her intrepid crew really needs right now is a miracle. Quote2
Angela Chen src
Angela Chen works as a reporter for the news channel GNN.

She begins reporting as the spaceshuttle, in which Hank Henshaw was aboard, explodes. Later, Angela appears with other journalists after a thug takes a School Bus hostage. Superman, with the help of Danny Turpin and Maggie Sawyer, rescued the kids and Angela tried to get an interview with the Man of Steel.




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