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Phobia was a mysterious, active supervillain.

When Professor Chang turned Beast Boy into the giant monster Garsaurus Rex, Phobia was present during the bidding war for the technology. However, when the Titans found Chang's location, she abandoned the meeting. [1]

After the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil, Phobia attacked Titans Tower, forcing the Titans to experience some of their worst fears. Phobia reported back to the leadership of the Brotherhood, prepared to gloat over the victory that they themselves were unable to achieve. However, became Silkie was able to break the spell for a moment, the Titans were able to fight back against Phobia's nightmares and ultimately defeat her. [2]


  • Fear Projection: Phobia can force those she traps under her spell to experience debilitating nightmares.


  • Power Limitation: Phobia's power is not unlimited. If her victims become aware of her illusions, they can fight back, making it harder for her to maintain control. Cyborg himself was able to create a "firewall" within his mind to become invulnerable to Phobia's attacks. [3]



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