The Engineer is a member of Stormwatch.

Angela Spica served as a member of Stormwatch, Earth's early warning system against extraterrestrial threats, and was on board The Carrier when it was pulled out of the Bleed by an unknown force. Angie tries to reconnect with the ship to find out what happened, but is shut out by the AI. When she persists further, she becomes possessed by an outside entity and reveals "the storm [they] were created for": Brother Eye. The ship's AI proceeds to attack the members of Stormwatch while Angie tries to resolve the rogue AI. Before she can, Brother Eye hacks into the Carrier's AI and activates its self-destruct function, killing everyone on board.

However, she is revealed to have survived and been possessed by an unknown entity. She has control over hordes of robots that attack S.H.A.D.E. operatives Amethyst and Frankenstein, and her former teammate Hawkman. When these robots fail to kill her, Angela orders them to self destruct.





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