Disruptor is one of Clock King's Terror Titans.


Angelica Smith was discovered in a trashcan as a baby, and was subsequently sent to live in a local orphanage with young Angelica being forced to fend for herself.

Growing up, she developed a taste for violence, especially against her own gender and often used it against other girls her own age to get what she wanted. She would also get into fights with other children due to her rage over being abandoned.

She was also placed in foster homes with none of the placements working out due to her disruptive behavior which presumably saw her being sent back to the orphanage once again.

Eventually Smith was placed with loving foster parents. However, her misogyny resurfaced once again and led her to see her foster mother as an obstacle for her foster father's love and Smith snapped her foster mother's neck, killing the woman. When her foster father came home she embraced him expecting nothing to stand in her way now, only to be gravely disappointed when she found herself in a padded cell.[1]

Terror Titans

After her release (or escape) from prison, she was contacted by the Clock King, who lied to her that she was the daughter of the original Disruptor. She joined his Terror Titans and served as an enforcer for the Dark Side Club with Clock King giving her a super-powered uniform to wear.[2] After the club's fighters rebelled, she tried to stop them, but was forced to retreat. Minutes later, she betrayed by Clock King who, having grown angry at her constant attempts to kill Ravager despite his orders not to do so used her suit to incinerate her, resulting in her death.[3]


  • Misogyny: Distruptor has a deep-rooted hatred for other women.




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