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Angelo Bend, alias Angle Man was an Italian master thief who used his special Angler to escape authorities as Angle Man.

He had a past as an enemy of Wonder Woman, and also fought The Flash on at least one occasion. His reality-warping Angler was absorbed by the Flash's nemesis Replicant, forcing him to resort to inferior, non-powered gimmicks to get him by for much of his criminal career. He was caught by Donna Troy while trying to steal an ancient artifact from a museum. Even though Donna, as Troia, was trying to stop the villain, Angle Man formed a bit of a crush on the Amazon. He became so enamored with her that he instinctively transported himself to Themyscira seeking Donna's help when he was attacked by a Fury-possessed Barbara Minerva. Later it was learned that he had been hired by Barbara, the previous Cheetah, who had lost her powers to Sebastian Ballesteros and needed the stolen artifacts to regain them. He was also seen grieving at Donna Troy's funeral after she was briefly killed by a Superman robot, and most recently has become a member of the latest Secret Society of Super-Villains. Whether he and the Cheetah have buried the hatchet or not remains to be seen.

He was among a large team of super villains formed by Devastation. An enemy of Cassie Sandsmark, Devastation formed the group to battle the now disbanded Young Justice.

After failed associations with Hugo Strange and Black Mask which collapsed due to Catwoman's direct involvement, Bend became obsessed with Catwoman and bent on revenge. He targeted Holly Robinson, her successor, not realizing that he was going after the wrong person. He has since been defeated by Holly once, but has been approached by a new villain calling himself the Film Freak. Working together, Angle Man and Film Freak discovered Selina Kyle's new identity as "Irena Dubrovna," on account of Film Freak's encyclopedic film knowledge, and broke into her apartment to threaten her infant daughter Helena. After being beaten by Catwoman, Angle Man was mind-wiped of the knowledge of her false ID and apartment address by Zatanna and compelled to confess his crimes to the authorities under a magic spell.





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