"Extinction is Forever, Part Two: Warriors of the Redlands": Required to cross the Sea of Blood in order to meet with the Parliament of Limbs, Buddy Baker and his guide, the Shepherd must first get around a monstrous island of [[The

Quote1.png Some livin' things are closer ta this crossover point than others. Like flies... Those little buggers've already got one foot in the Rot as soon as they hatch. Never trust a fly, Butter Baker. If ya take one thing from our little chat, let'r be that! Quote2.png

Animal Man (Volume 2) #10 is an issue of the series Animal Man (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2012. It was published on June 6, 2012.

Synopsis for "Extinction is Forever, Part Two: Warriors of the Redlands"

Required to cross the Sea of Blood in order to meet with the Parliament of Limbs, Buddy Baker and his guide, the Shepherd must first get around a monstrous island of Rot in the middle of it. Soon after setting foot thereupon, they are attacked by Rotlings, immature creatures of the Rot. Right now, the balance between The Red, The Green, and The Rot is off. The avatar of the Green does not want his job, and the avatar of the Red is not ready for the role. The avatar of the Black, however, is in his prime, and all the more dangerous to the other two because of it. As such, these Rotlings may prove a greater challenge than Buddy and the Shepherd can handle alone. Fortunately, they are saved by am army of creatures of the Red.

Meanwhile, in La Junta, Colorado, Cliff and Ellen Baker encounter the John Constantine, Zatanna and Madame Xanadu, who have a message for them. Buddy has been lost, and Ellen and her children are in danger. Madame Xanadu had had a vision in which Ellen and her daughter Maxine were all that remained of life on earth, pursued by the Rot. Furthermore, this doomed future can be traced back to find Ellen herself responsible. Her skepticism and reticence to accept her husband and daughter's natures lead directly to the end of all life.

Cliff, meanwhile, having been kicked out of the hotel room while the adults talked, grumpily paces around the parking lot. Suddenly, he hears a voice calling to him from an alley. He sees his father, who explains that he needs help in a special task which must be kept secret from both Ellen and Maxine. Cliff eagerly accepts the chance to help, without sensing anything wrong with his father.

The Warriors of the Redlands destroy all of the Rotlings, and when they realize that Buddy is the father of their Avatar, they agree to carry he and Shepherd to the home of the Parliament of Limbs. Carried over the landscape of the Red, Buddy wonders if there must be a way for them to enter the Rot, given that the Rot can enter the Red. Shepherd admits that there is a point where the Red, Green, and Rot meet, but he can see no reason why anyone would want to enter the Rot. When they touch down at the castle of the Red, Buddy begins to realize that the Red has changed since last he was there. These castles and warriors and princesses are all new to him. Shepherd explains that the Red changes according to its avatar's imagination. Maxine is all-powerful. She is life itself.

Ellen tries to ditch Constantine and Zatanna, getting into the RV outside, but Zatanna uses her magic to freeze Ellen in her tracks. Maxine rushes out of the van to see what's happened to her mother, and then glares threateningly at the interlopers. Knowing Maxine's importance, Zatanna releases Ellen, who orders her daughter not to speak to the occultists. Desperately, Madame Xanadu calls after them to reconsider every action, should there be grave consequences. Constantine explains that they have not actually come to help the Baker family - just to warn them. He and his companions can't do a thing to stop the Rot. It's the "big green guy" that they need to find. Ellen assumes John means the Swamp Thing, and disregards his warning, getting into the RV and driving off angrily. John comments to Zatanna that Ellen will be in for a shock when she realizes that he wasn't referring to the Swamp Thing. Ellen is well away before she realizes that she forgot Cliff at the hotel.

At the Parliament, Buddy meets with a cold reception. The Totems are disappointed that he allowed his body to be taken by one of the Hunters Three. Buddy didn't realize he had been displaced from his body, let alone the fact that the hunter who took it has kidnapped one of his children. He worries that they have Maxine, but he is surprised to find that it is Cliff that the Rot has stolen. Grudgingly, the Totems discuss the possibility of creating an entirely new champion to protect Maxine, but Buddy manages to convince them that he deserves another chance - if only because there is no time to find a replacement.

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