"A Blast from Hipsville": During beatnik-era San Francisco, The Warners crash a poetry reading.

Animaniacs #12 is an issue of the series Animaniacs (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1996.

Appearing in "A Blast from Hipsville"

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Synopsis for "A Blast from Hipsville"

During beatnik-era San Francisco, The Warners crash a poetry reading.

Appearing in "The Mod Couple"

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Synopsis for "The Mod Couple"

In 1962, Brain tries baiting Mods to a dance party to steal their boots for his world domination scheme.


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  • In "A Blast from Hipsville", Yakko dresses up like Fred Flintstones and a man in a Batman suit is in the DMV line.
  • Being 1960s-inspired stories, both feature Beatles-inspired imagery and even some lyrics.
    • The first story references psychedelic-era Beatles, with the Warners dressed like Sgt. Pepper's band, Wakko saying "I am the platypus, Koo-koo-ka gookie!", and a "sandwich man" hippie having a sign reading "And in the end, the love you get is equal to the psychedelic you make".
    • The second downright features "The Fab Four" (though with names and surnames starting with "B") with their 1962 looks, who are inspired by Pinky and the Brain spewing a lot of Beatles lyrics and the latter calling them "insignificant beetles". When it cuts to the 1996 mice, their dialogue references the posthumous song "Free as a Bird".

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