"A Change of Face": The Warners go through plastic surgery.

Quote1 Yeah, Runt! At last they've gotten around to featuring us second bananas! Quote2
Rita, lampshading her and Runt finally showing up in the comic

Appearing in "A Change of Face"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "A Change of Face"

The Warners go through plastic surgery.

Appearing in "Mace Ventura: Pet Hunter"

Synopsis for "Mace Ventura: Pet Hunter"

A rich lady who collects stuffed animals calls an evil version of Ace Ventura to hunt Rita and Runt.

Appearing in "Cannoli or Nothing"

Synopsis for "Cannoli or Nothing"

The Goodfeathers try getting a cannoli for the boss, even if it's the last one in the restaurant, and ordered by the legendary Frank Pigeonatra.

Appearing in "Shopping Beauty"

Other Characters:

Synopsis for "Shopping Beauty"

Minerva Mink goes shopping, while also crying for a prince to come and save her from all the credit card debt.


In frustration, Mace Ventura says "No more Mr. Nice Comics-Code-Approved Nice Guy! I'm gonna get those two offed and stuffed, even if it means this book becomes a Vertigo title!"


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