"101 Darnations": Skippy organizes a tribute festival to his aunt Slappy.

Animaniacs #31 is an issue of the series Animaniacs (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1997.

Appearing in "101 Darnations"

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Synopsis for "101 Darnations"

Skippy organizes a tribute festival to his aunt Slappy.

Appearing in "The Usual Boo!"

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Synopsis for "The Usual Boo!"

Chicken Boo is both picked out of a suspect line and interrogated.

Appearing in "A Slappy Salute"

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Synopsis for "A Slappy Salute"

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Appearing in "Tales of Randy Beaman"

Synopsis for "Tales of Randy Beaman"

The milk-coming-out-the-nose bit, with a new twist.

Appearing in Good Idea / Bad Idea: "Theme Parks"

Synopsis for Good Idea / Bad Idea: "Theme Parks"

Three Good Idea Bad Ideas.


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  • Wakko ends the first story on the drums for the "Lemmon & McPaul" band, acknowledging how his voice is a Ringo Starr imitation.
  • Chicken Boo's prisoner plate starts with NCC1701, the Starship Enterprise's serial number.

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