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Anita Fite is Empress, a member of Young Justice.

Anita Fite is the daughter of Donald Fite, of the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad, who, with his partner Ishido Maad, hounded Young Justice throughout the team's early days.

Anita Fite became a hero due to the inspiration of Arrowette. Anita had seen Arrowette stop a thief in a mall, and was so impressed that she began to use her natural abilities to fight for good. There was tension at first between Arrowette and Empress, as Arrowette believed that Empress had simply wanted to replace her in the team, but the girls quickly came to an understanding and became friends.

Young Justice encountered Empress when she helped Cassie Sandsmark survive a poisonous bite. While at the Olympics to support their former teammate, Arrowette, they discovered her identity when the Empress' name slipped out.

She hated her maternal grandfather Agua Sin Gaaz who murdered his daughter, Anita's mother. After battling her grandfather, Anita's parents were reincarnated as infants. She left the team to take care of them.


  • Mind Control: Empress can coerce others to do simple actions with her voice due to part of the Anti-Life Equation contained in her mind.
  • Occultism: Empress has some understanding of voodoo magic. Her most commonly used spell is teleportation.
    • Teleportation
    • Hex-Shield: Empress can create shields to defend herself or bubbles to imprison her enemies, she once used those shields to free Supergirl from a mind-controlling spell.
    • Mind-Wyrm: a mind controlling spell that has been defined "a parasitic spell seeded and activated by a single word".


  • Martial Arts: Anita's fighting skill is good, she impressed the likes of Mad Harriet. Finding her worthy of joining the Female Furies.[1]
  • Acrobatics
  • Stick Fighting: She is talented with the Emperor's Stick, able to use it effectively in combat as an escrima stick or as a pair of short swords.
  • Music: Due possibly to her natural agility, she is on level with most professional piano players. She is also an accomplished singer.


  • Power Limitation: A strong willed individual can resist her mind control and the more danger the command puts a subject in, the greater chance they will resist.


  • Emperor's Stick: Empress uses a "sword baton" with a retractable blade. Through the use of the Emperor's Stick, Empress can teleport to any place that she knows that is within 10 miles of her current location as often as she would like. She doesn't need to see her destination, only have a prior knowledge of it (where it is, what it is, the terrain). She needs no concentration or prayer to make it happen. However, if she attempts to bring a passenger, it can be physically taxing to both her and her passenger likening to sprinting for a minute straight.

  • The name Anita Fite is an intentional pun; "I need a fight".
  • She is usually written as speaking with a Haitian patois.



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