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Quote1.png You who slumber in your final rest -- awake! I have need for thee! I give thee my life! Awaken to my call and my need! Come to Strega! Quote2.png
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Strega is an orphaned mob princess who takes out the mobsters responsible for her family's murder.

Anna Marie Borgia came from a Mafia family, until they were eradicated by other rival families. As the sole survivor, Anna began to systematically travel across America, hunting down the parties responsible. She killed using her knowledge of the black arts, resurrecting the unstoppable dead to murder under her orders. She adopted the alias, Strega, Italian for "witch."

Strega's vendetta took her to Denver, where her next target, Joey Cipriani, was based. She sent two of his father's deceased associates, Frank Natali and Tony Malanga, to gun him down in Bumini's restaurant. Cipriani's death was investigated by detectives Diane Meade and John Jones, as well as a private investigator, Jim Corrigan who had been on Strega's case for some time.

When Strega decided to bolster her zombie ranks at the morgue, she was discovered by the two sleuths who revealed their dual identities to stop her, Martian Manhunter and the Spectre. Strega's undead forces were no physical match for either opponent, and to punish her justly, the Spectre turned her own dark servants against her. She was saved only by the intervention of the Martian Manhunter. Corrigan backed J'onn up, carelessly revealing that the Spectre would die if he did not return to his mortal host. Strega saw a way out of her predicament, she magically detached the Spectre entity from Corrigan and bound it to the Martian, hoping J'onn's moral fibre would nullify the Spirit of Vengeance. While she was right in her assumption, it was mortal Jim Corrigan who landed the punch that put an end to her macabre killing spree.[1]




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