Quote1 Did she believe you? Because she trusts you. Just like Rachel did. Quote2
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Anna Ramirez was a Gotham City detective working for the Major Crimes Unit.

She was one of the few detectives who openly advocated the presence of the Batman and did not regard him as a wanton vigilante. Anna was partnered with the embittered Crispus Allen, who, unlike her, felt that the Batman was untrustworthy. After transferring captured felon Jacob Freeley to the state prison, Ramirez and Allen found themselves caught in the middle of a gang war between Sal Maroni's organization and the Russian mob. During the firefight, Maroni grabbed Ramirez and used her as a hostage. The Batman arrived and disarmed Maroni.

Faced with unsurmountable hospital bills for her mother, Ramirez gave in to Maroni's bribes. With fellow bent cop Michael Wuertz, she was responsible for kidnapping Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, which led to the former's transformation into Two-Face and the latter's death. She also set Judge Janet Surillo up to be killed by a car bomb. Two-Face hunted down the bribed cops and while he killed Wuertz, he spared Ramirez. He forced her to trick Barbara Gordon and her son into being captured.




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