Mother Mayhem was a high ranking member in the Church of Blood.

Anna Resik was a young woman who lived in the nation of Zandia in the early 20th century. Shortly before America entered World War II, she was captured by the Church of Blood and forced to marry the cult's leader Brother Blood. Anna adopted the name Mother Mayhem and gave birth to Blood's son. When her son was still a teenager, Anna realized that Brother Blood intended on killing her, so she and her son ran away and traveled the world. Resik's reputation as a mistress of Brother Blood earned a lot of acclaim as well as a lot of wealth. She eventually married a second time to Yakeem Sota, the High Raja of the Muslim nation of Qurac. Her marriage to the Rajah proved to be just as violent and abusive as when she lived with Brother Blood. Brother Blood manipulated the Rajah into murdering Anna Resik, but Anna's son avenged her death, and in so doing, fulfilled a seven-hundred year curse by slaying his father.


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