Quote1.png I took revenge for all the years of torment that they had put me through. I left their dismembered limbs to rot in pools of their own blood. Quote2.png
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The Anomaly, Project O.T.A.C. 13 is a scientific experiment that gained sentience and decided to take revenge.

Silas Stone created "O.T.A.C.", the Omniscient Transformational Advanced Cell, a sentient cell that can be programmed to form organic tissue. Silas began dosing it with radiation, but it exploded, resulting in the cancer of his wife, Elinore Stone. Silas became desperate with saving his wife, and crossed ethical lines when he used O.T.A.C. to replicate himself 13 times. After Elinore's death, he sold the replicas, and O.T.A.C. 13 was picked up by black market scientists. They brutally experimented on him, making him more human, but still robotic. He was tortured and experimented on for years, and eventually befriended a scientist named Aldous. Eventually, Aldous sets O.T.A.C. 13 free, and he massacres all the scientists, turning Aldous into his cyborg slave. Desperate for revenge against Silas, he decided to torture him by kidnapping him, and disguising as him, eventually dubbing himself Anomaly.



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