Anomie Zitar's people were a race of gene edited humans with cat-like features whose world was conquered by the Sauroids. Anomie, along with many of the females of her race, was confined in the 'Play Pens', and made to 'entertain' Sauroid warriors, undergoing years of humiliation and pain. She eventually escaped by working her way into the Sauroid intelligence services, unwillingly infiltrating the ranks of the Sun Devils and seducing their leader, Rik Sunn while reporting their movements back to the Sauroids. 'Annie' gradually fell in love with Sunn but was not strong enough to betray her masters, even after her pet Pook, her constant companion, was killed by the Sauroids. She betrayed Sunn, who abandoned her, and became a plaything of one of the Sauroid warriors again, but eventually redeemed herself by rejoining the Sun Devils and helping them end the threat of the Sauroids Star Crusher weapon. Though forgiven her past treachery by most of the Sun Devils, Annie was at first unable to repair her relationship with Sunn. She was last seen stowing away on his space craft, though whether she and Sunn ever patched up their relationship is unknown (She was not with him when he resurfaced decades later in pursuit of the Sauroid war criminal Karvus Khun).



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