The Antagon'' was a force of nature, considered to be the "dark side" of the Red, the elemental force that governs all animal life, including humans.

While the "good side" of the Red values life, the Antagon only wishes death for all living creatures, and has tried to make this happen for millions of years. At one point, ten million years ago, the Animal Masters succeeded in banishing the Antagon from the universe; however, in the later years of the 20th Century, it returned, and resumed its quest to destroy all life.

The Antagon began this crusade by slaying all but three of the Animal Masters, and by possessing the former hero Michael Maxwell so that he served the Antagon, taking on the new name of the Shining Man for this purpose. Ultimately, the remaining Animal Masters joined forces with the super-heroes Animal Man and Vixen to fight the Antagon. They succeeded in using their metaphysical powers to create an entire new universe, and then trapped the Antagon within it.

enemy of Animal Man



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