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Quote1.png This 'Wonder Woman' disease began in this sector! Why haven't you been able to find her base Antar Ftt B'Jan? You are P'Q'Rort here. Are you corrupt or a fool? Quote2.png
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Antar Ftt B'Jan is the governor, or P'Q'Rort, of the quadrant of the Sangtee Empire that includes the outer security planet Hope's End and the Q'Tarban Rift.

Antar runs things from the spacefaring city-ship H'Marikii's Despair. Among is duties is the oversight of slave transportation and movement of empire ships through his sector of the empire and he reports directly to the Sangtee Emperor.

  • He is drawn sometimes with a white beard and sometimes with no facial hair but several barbells where his beard would have gone.



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