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Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent, overlying the South Pole and surrounded by the Southern Ocean.


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Antarctic Circle
The Antarctic Circle is one of the five major circles (or parallels) of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. The area south of the Antarctic Circle is known as the Antarctic, and the zone immediately to the north is called the Southern Temperate Zone.
Garden of Eden
What became known as Antarctica was once the biblical Garden of Eden, and home to the Parliament of Trees. After the dawn of man, a war between The Green and The Grey caused an ice-age to occur, freezing the garden over, and forcing the Parliament to relocate to Brazil. Eons later, Swamp Thing discovered the ruins of the Garden in Antarctica.[1]
Glacier Point
In the 30th century, Glacier Point is the Earth's only minimum-security prison. Located in Antarctica, it uses geo-thermal energy to tap the mineral resources of the continent's frozen environment.[2]
South Pole
The South Pole is one of the two points where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface. It is the southernmost point on the surface of the Earth and lies on the opposite side of the Earth from the North Pole.
Southern Ocean
The Southern Ocean comprises the southernmost waters of the World Ocean. It has also been known as the Great Southern Ocean, the Antarctic Ocean and the South Polar Ocean.
Transantarctic Mountains
The Transantarctic Mountains[3] comprise a mountain range of uplifted sedimentary rock in Antarctica which extend, with some interruptions, across the continent. These mountains divide East Antarctica and West Antarctica. They include a number of separately named mountain groups, which are often again subdivided into smaller ranges.


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  • Somewhere in Antarctica 's interior is an underground valley, called Mayala, in which dwell the combined remnants of the ancient Mayan and Inca empires.[6]
  • Somewhere near the center of the Antarctic land mass are two rival civilizations, Wisstark and Stanovia, and several primitive tribes, including human populations of midgets and of giants, in a region whose wildlife includes a species of flying apes.[7]

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