Born and raised in the Little Italy section of New York, young Tony Angelo worked at his father's sundries store. As a child he met young Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of crimelord Guido Bertinelli. Growing up, he became a member of the Bertinelli's inner circle and Guido eventually charged him with serving as a bodyguard for his daughter. The Bertinelli family were eventually massacred by the assassin known as Omerta, leaving Helena as the only survivor. Tony Angelo began training Helena in self defense as well as the use of various weapons including throwing darts, crossbows and firearms. Helena took to the training with great vigor, but harbored a deep resentment of handguns.

Following the murder of her family, Helena adopted the costumed guise of the Huntress. Tony Angelo was the only one who knew of Helena's double life. He often helped to nurse her wounds when she was injured in battle.



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