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Tony Gambi is the Replicant, a villain who can steal and copy powers with the Humanifold.

Tony Gambi's mother died when he was four, and his dad wasted many of his years locked away in prison. As a result, he ended up spending most of his time with his uncle Paul, a tailor who designed the costumes for the Flash's infamous Rogues Gallery, and, as a result, he spent lots of time with the Rogues themselves. They treated him like a nephew, teaching him how to throw boomerangs and creating tiny thunderstorms to scare away bullies that might pick on him. Even though he realized they weren't model citizens, he didn't equate them as being the bad guys, either. They seemed more along the lines of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

After Captain Boomerang sustained near-fatal injuries at the hands of the new, darker Flash that appeared in the wake of Wally West's apparent demise after fighting Cobalt Blue, the Rogues decided that something must be done. A new Rogue had to be created to fight the new menace. They called on their old friend T.O. Morrow to do just that. He stole a Humanifold from the future, which would turn someone into a living weapon. Tony volunteered to be that person. The Rogues agreed, realizing that he was always destined to become one of them. The machine transformed all of the Rogues' weapons into organic matter, which bonded with Tony's molecular structure, creating Replicant.

Replicant struck first at a speech given by Governor Thornton, hoping to win his re-election. Tony had hoped to draw the new Flash's attention, which he did quite well. He also discovered that he was able to replicate other weapons he came near, not only those that had belonged to the Rogues. Although he lost his focus and nearly let the Flash defeat him, Tony was able to use his newfound powers to get away.


  • Humanifold: The Humanifold can steal powers and grant Replicant usage of them. It also works on technology, as it destroyed the gear of the Rogues, and granted him their abilities



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