Anthony "Tony" Gordon was the son of Gotham City police commissioner James W. Gordon and the older brother of Congresswoman Barbara Gordon, who was secretly Batgirl.

Anthony was part of a spy mission, but he was presummed dead after he was lost during a hot balloon trip around the world. Unknown to anyone, this trip was part of his mission and he remained a prisoner in China for many years until he escaped and returned to America, where he adopted a new identity and was forbidden to get in touch with his family or friends. Under a new identity and working as a security officer at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Tony learned about his sister's secret identity as Batgirl, but following his instructions, he was unable to reveal himself to her.[1]

Later on, Tony learned of about the kidnapping of Barbara by some of his enemies in China. Going all the way to that country, Tony arrived in time to save Batgirl from the evil Wo Fong. The family reunion was cut short by Fong and not long after this, Tony died along with Fong during the collapse of the castle they were fightin in, with a helpless Batgirl as witness.[2]



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