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Professor Anthony Ivo is the mad scientist who created Amazo.

Origin and Early Career

Professor Anthony Ivo was the Head of the Cellular and Structural Biology department at Ivy University for over a decade before being recruited to S.T.A.R. Labs by Silas Stone and eventually becoming the Project Director of the A-Maze Operating System. There he pioneered an organic pattern process of creating technology to mimic organic life down to a cellular level, which lead to the successful creation of A-Maze OS that mimics cellular regeneration.[1] Though Ivo's obsessive work with his personal projects was frowned upon by S.T.A.R. Labs and he was considered unpredictable, especially for his thanatophobia (a fear of death) that often manifest in panic attacks and drug use. Because of his irrational behavior which cause him to clash with his colleagues, Silas Stone had considered of replacing Ivo.

During the attack on Earth by the forces of Darkseid, Ivo was kidnapped by Parademons, but he escaped at the end of the invasion. After the invasion, he crossed paths with the Outsider, and each agreed to stay out of the other's way until they needed to.

Due to subsequent continuity changes, Ivo's encounter with the Parademons may no longer be canonical.

Ivo later became a reoccurring foe of the Justice League. He kidnapped the Justice League to power up Amazo, a power-absorbing android of his own design at some point in the team's first year. He would remain a thorn in the team's side for years, creating new androids like NewMazo and Ultra-Morpho.[2]

He eventually faked his death, leading STAR Labs and the heroes to think he had died in an explosion. He survived with horrific scarring.

The New 52

Years later, Ivo was active. An Amazo unit was destroyed by the Justice League with help from Green Arrow.[3] Ivo, having joined the Outsider's Secret Society, built robots for their base security, including android replicas of the Justice League and the hair-covered Shaggy Man.[4] When the Society's manor headquarters was infiltrated by the Justice League of America, Ivo was forced to turn over time-warping captive A.R.G.U.S. agent Chronos, the mobile base's means of locomotion, and was taken into their custody.[5]

During the Crime Syndicate attack, Ivo, now apparently fully healed of his burns, personally directed Amazo to destroy the American Pacific Fleet.[6]

DC Rebirth


Years later, during the invasion of Earth by the forces of Barbatos, Professor Ivo appears as a member of the Science Squad, once again with his severe facial scarring. Led by Doc Magnus, this group of scientific minds also includes Dr. Thomas Morrow, Egg Fu, Thaddeus Sivana, Veronica Cale, and Detective Chimp. They strive to gather intelligence on the Dark Multiverse and attempt to assist Flash, Raven, and Cyborg on their journey aboard the Ultima Thule.[7]



  • Ivo is 37 years old.[3]



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