Anthony Lilliman was the chaplain at the Larkhill Detention Center and was tasked with monitoring "rules and rights" violations. However, his £200,000 a month payment kept him silent while Commander Lewis Prothero and others worked on the St. Mary's virus, which the fascist government, Norsefire, used to kill thousands of people. Along with Lewis Prothero, he is particularly cruel to the prisoner in room V, who later destroys Larkhill and escapes.

A few years after the destruction of Larkhill and St. Mary's Outbreak, Lilliman becomes Bishop of London, possibly installed into this position by Chancellor Sutler. Lilliman secretly molests underage girls on Sunday evening after mass. It is hinted that a special sex agency provides these young girls for Lilliman's enjoyment.

The escaped prisoner, now a masked vigilante calling himself "V," has his accomplice Evey Hammond play Lilliman's girl for "Children's Hour" at the Abbey. Evey tells Lilliman everything, hoping she will get some kind of amnesty. However, Lilliman thinks it is part of a sex game and while he tries to rape her, Evey smashes him on the head with a book (in the film she kicks him in the crotch), prompting Lilliman to chase after her. At this point, V enters and Evey flees. V then engages in a lengthy theological debate with Lilliman which is interrupted by an unsuccessful attempt at rescue by Lilliman's valet. V then forces Lilliman to swallow a poisoned communion wafer.

  • Although Lilliman was a very public figure, the Bishop's involvement with the Larkhill Resettlement Camp is not a matter of public record.

Actor John Standing played the role of Bishop Lilliman in the 2006 film adaptation of V for Vendetta. In the film, he has the title of Bishop of England (Which can be seen when Eric Finch is reviewing the priest's employment history). Lilliman's fate was changed in which he grabs a gun from a hollowed Bible, but misses V, who then tortures him to death. Earmen in a nearby surveillance van hear Lilliman's screams of pain; however, by the time Chief Inspector Eric Finch and Dominic Stone arrive, Lilliman is dead.



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