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Anthony Lupus was an athlete turned into a Werewolf.

Anthony Lupus was a former Olympic Decathlon champion, who suffered from severe headaches. To find a cure, he sought the help of Professor Milo, who used a serum derived from Alaskan wolves to treat him. As a side effect, it transformed him into a werewolf.

After examining Anthony Lupus, Milo discovered that the serum advanced the transformation because Athony suffered from lycanthropy, which was the source of his pain. Milo offered Lupus a cure if he killed Batman. When Batman was trapped in an abandoned lot by Professor Milo, the transformed Anthony attacked Batman. Batman and Anthony waged a terrible battle, until lightning struck him. Batman presumed he was dead, but Lupus had traveled to Alaska to live in solitude.[1]

Six years later, Batman tacked Lupus to Alaska, where he was living in isolation for fear of hurting other people as a werewolf. Lupus was also hunting wolves, which alerted the authorities and Batman as well. Batman contacted Lupus and pleaded with him to donate bone marrow to his ailing sister. After successfully trapping Anthony in a silver net, Batman promised Lupus he would do everything to find a cure and he took Lupus back to Gotham.[2]




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