Anthony Romulus was a former athlete who suffered from Lycanthropy.

In his desire for achieving physical perfection, Romulus approached Doctor Achilles Milo and asked him for a formula that would help him become stronger. Milo provided him with an untested and illegal serum that Romulus used. His physical performance increased and he won several competitions. However, one full moon night, his body changed and he transformed into a half-human half-werewolf. Milo told him that the transformation could only be reverted when it was complete. Romulus gave him the missing half of the serum that would transform him into a werewolf. Romulus obeyed Milo's orders in order to get the antidote but after being used for some time and not having results, Romulus attacked Milo on his werewolf form. As a result the antidote was lost and Milo was injured. Batman and Romulus fought for a while and in the end Batman managed to beat the werewolf, who was knocked down to a river.[1]



  • Peak Human Condition
    • Athletics: Romulus used to be a high performance athlete, who participated in all sorts of competitions before being transformed into a werewolf.


  • Diminished Intellect: When transforming to a Werewolf Anthony loses all his intellect and his actions are guided only by animal instinct.



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