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Girder is one of the Flash's older villains and was incarcerated in Iron Heights.

He attempted to escape during the Central City blackout but was stopped by the Flash when they attempted to take Iris West hostage.[1]. He was left at Iron Heights where he would again attack the Flash upon the latter's next visit to research the Keystone Murderer. He was stopped once again and left in prison.[2]

When the Crime Syndicate came to Earth and supposedly killed the Justice League, Girder, along with Tar Pit and Chroma, appealed to Grodd for a share of control of the city. Chroma was brutally murdered by Grodd and had his head mounted on a pike, leaving Tar Pit and Girder to flee the city.[3]


Girder was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group organized by the Reverse-Flash to finally defeat the Flash. [4]




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