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The Anti-Green Lantern Corps was a Qwardian army armed with Antimatter power rings.


It took the Qwardians almost a century to develop their own power rings and power battery. They had to boost the brain capacities of their soldiers, but that alteration burned them out, limiting the lifespan of the wielder to the duration of the power ring's energy. When they found out that Hal Jordan was quitting the Green Lantern Corps, they tried to convince him to work with them, only to experiment with his ring. Logically, Hal refused, and the first task of the Anti-GL Corps was to chase him down after he escaped. However, the Qwardian corps results were inefficient, because a big group of Green Lanterns came to Hal's rescue, and together they destroyed the Central Power Battery of Qward, disabling the short-lived Anti-Green Lantern Corps.[1]


Equipment: Antimatter Power Ring: The Antimatter energy made them a deadly weapon, because their blasts were capable of killing any Positive Matter being with just one hit.

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