Little is known thus far about the background of the alien menace calling himself the Anti-Hero. He has mastered many avenues of science, and was able to put together the proper weaponry to allow himself to hunt super-human heroes for sport. Why he chose to do this, however, remains something of a mystery.

The Anti-Hero cowering

The Anti-Hero's true form

Throughout a lifespan that is remarkably long by human standards, the Anti-Hero devotedly pursued his deadly avocation, ultimately arriving on Earth, where he selected Superman as his next target. Using his superior weaponry, he succeeded in capturing Superman, and then impersonated the Man of Steel so that he could deliberately botch a rescue mission and announce, in apparent shame, his retirement from public life. This was done so that Superman's sudden absence from the Earth would not alarm anyone.

The ruse failed to allay suspicions in the people Superman loved and trusted most, however, and his allies Steel, Superboy and Supergirl investigated. They were able to free Superman from the Anti-Hero's clutches before the Anti-Hero could kill him, and were then able to at last convince the Anti-Hero of the error of his ways; the Anti-Hero then promised that he would return to space and attempt to make amends for his murderous life. (It is possible that this leniency was actually the result of mental manipulation on the Anti-Hero's part, but this has not yet been proven.)

The Anti-Hero has not returned to Earth since then, and it is not known if he has resurfaced on any other world.



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