Quote1 They're not zombies. They're not consumed by hunger. They're not feeding. They're spreading death. They're stealing life. These are the Anti-Living. And the trigger is an equation. Quote2


The Anti-Living are individual's infected by a corrupted version of the Anti-Life Equation accidentally created by Darkseid, who became the first of the Anti-Living and went on a rampage throughout Apokolips, in a desperate attempt to limit the damage DeSaad sent Cyborg back to Earth, though this was in vain as Darkseid destroyed Apokolips soon after.[1]

Upon returning to Earth the virus quickly transmitted itself from Cyborg's cybernetic body onto the internet, corrupting any digital device connecting to it and allowing it to rapidly infect the population, who attempted to literally claw the equation out of their minds. The infected then turned to a feral zombie-like state and attacked the uninfected in order to spread the virus through blood to blood transmission via bites and scratches. Due to humanity's use of digital devices such as televisions and smartphones the Batcomputer estimated around 600 million were infected within the first hours, with it further predicting the number to rise to billions within the coming days once the virus has had the chance to fully spread across the globe digitally.

Despite their behavior sharing a lot of similarities to zombies, leading to survivors frequently mistaking them for such, the Anti-Living are not actually zombies. Transformation does not kill and reanimate them and they can be killed just like any other member of their species. They also do not act out of hunger but out of a drive to infect and kill.


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  • The virus does not appear to able to infect every single living being, with DeSaad not becoming one of the Anti-Living despite having been exposed to the tainted equation at the same time as Darkseid was.
  • Despite the infected showing no signs of intelligence Hal Jordan was still able to use his Green Lantern Ring after transformation, suggesting the infected retain some of their muscle memory.

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