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Doctor Anton Geist was a scientist who worked at the Water Works facility in San Diego.

He was the puppet of a mysterious shadowy villain who implanted a chip in his nervous system that enabled him to monitor all of Geist's work. Fearing the long term effects of global warming, Anton Geist perfected a serum that radically altered a human being's anatomy, allowing them to survive indefinitely under water. The serum interacted with salt water in the environment and spread throughout a target vicinity. Through no fault of his own, Geist's serum was put to widespread use when an earthquake caused a massive portion of San Diego to fall into the sea. Though thousands died, thousands more lived on, having developed gills and the ability to draw oxygen from salt water thanks to Geist's serum. The underwater community since became known as "Sub Diego". When the quake struck, the super-hero known as Aquaman conducted rescue operations and learned of Geist's involvement. Upon realizing that Geist was being manipulated by a higher power, he removed the monitor chip from his body and faked the scientist's death. Anton Geist remained with the society of Sub Diego.