Anton Paulus was a Nazi's son who wanted revenge on Adolf Hitler for his family's death and coerced Midnighter to travel back in time to do it.

Anton Paulus was the son of a elitist Nazi officer, Sebastian Paulus, during World War II. He and his family were imprisoned at the Belsen concentration camp after his father publicly referred Adolf Hitler as a "jumped-up Austrian plebe" and didn't believed the dictator should lead the racial purification of the German Reich. Paulus became the only survivor of his family after Belsen was liberated. Since then, he swore he would reverse his parents' fate.

By the 21st century, Paulus garnered considerable wealth and had the means of constructing a time machine which he had plan in killing Hitler before becoming dictator and thus allowing not only his parents to live, but for his father to rise up as a very capable and most likely dangerous man to lead Germany. Paulus then saw the perfect assassin to kill Hitler would be the Midnighter of The Authority, in which he had bugged the Carrier through its shift-doors and sent his agents to attack and kidnap Midnighter while passing through the Carrier's teleportation portal. To coerce Midnighter into cooperation, Paulus replaced Midnighter's secondary heart with a remote-detonated bomb, and challenged him on pain of death to assassinate Hitler - although, Paulus planned on marooning Midnighter in the past. Midnighter was then sent to the Western Front of World War I to kill Hitler, who was a young officer. However, circumstances for Midnighter's attempt to kill Hitler was stopped by the time police from the 96th Century in which Midnighter later became present of Hitler's suicide during the Fall of Berlin and discovering Paulus' past in the aftermath of Belsen's liberation.

Paulus was visited by Alfred Wolfrum, a German war veteran who was instructed by Midnighter in 1945 to warn Paulus that he (Midnighter) is coming for him. Thereafter, he was shockingly confronted by Midnighter who brought along a young and sedated Paulus from 1945 (thanks to allying with the time police), which he threatened Paulus into surgically removing the bomb or erasing him from existence through killing his younger self; he secured Paulus's surrender without having to kill the child. Midnighter then had Paulus's mansion and everything belonging to him burnt to the ground, and then informing Paulus of his past and his true reasons for eliminating Hitler. Paulus was shortly killed via decapitation by Midnighter with a swift kick to the head.



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