Quote1 You're worried about the little ones? Don't be. You see, I love them. More than you could ever know. Anton Schott died when he was a little boy, when the monster took away his innocence. I'm not Anton, I am The Dollmaker. Quote2
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Anton Schott, alias The Dollmaker, was a severely mentally-ill surgeon that operated in the abandoned town of Ichabod.

He kidnapped children in Gotham City, bringing them to the dilapidated Schott's Toys store in Ichobod where he performed grotesque surgeries on them, transforming them into mindless doll-like slaves.

Anton was the abused son and primary victim of the psychopathic killer Winslow Schott, who was sent to prison by his son's testimony. Traumatised by the abuse and the loss of his childhood, Anton became obsessed with preserving the innocence of children. As such, he surgically operated on them to ensure that they could never grow up, turning them into loyal automatons.

His crimes were exposed when Robin tracked his victims back to his hideout. Before he could be apprehended, however, Schott was killed by a Court of Owls operative who was attempting to convert Robin to the Court's ways.[1]





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