Anton was the son of Winslow Schott, aka Toyman, and born on Christmas day. His father saw little interest in his son, whom he considered him uninteresting despite Anton showing great promises as a skilled toymaker. Anton's mother took him away on the belief that Winslow was a pedophile but only to abandon him, leaving to fend for himself in Metropolis. Anton soon found his father's old workshop and decided to making a name for himself, as the Dollmaker. Driven by abandonment issues, Anton started kidnapping other children and turning them into cybernetic doll-like slaves.

Anton later became obsessed with Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant, who was the mother of a victim killed by Toyman, and planned on being her son. He sent a doll to Grant for every time a child is kidnapped by Dollmaker. Grant and along with Supergirl initially mistaken Toyman being responsible for the missing children and confronted him at his incarceration in Arkham Asylum. They unwittingly brought one of Dollmaker's dolls to his father in which it came to life and nearly killed Toyman.[1]

Dollmaker soon personally confronted Grant and kidnapped her to his workshop. There, he told her of his origins and asked to be his new mother. But Cat violently rejects him, infuriating Anton to deciding on shutting down all his enslaved doll-children that would kill them. However, Cat cried out for Supergirl's help, whom immediately raided Dollmaker's workshop and disarmed the dolls. Cat personally knocked out Dollmaker and leaving him to be taken away by the authorities.[2]




Supergirl: Day of the Dollmaker



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