Argent is a young international superhero that was invited to join the extended roster of the Teen Titans.


  • Silver Plasma Energy Constructs: Argent can generate solid energy constructs out of the element of plasma in simple forms such as protective shields, ropes, daggers, and battering rams. While she initially could not fly, she could create slides and flying platforms to carry herself and others through the air. Her silver-colored plasma energy is said to be of a similar wavelength to the green plasma energies of a Green Lantern's ring. In the original Teen Titans animated series, her plasma was colored light red.
    • Force Field: Another application of Argent's silver plasma generation is that she can create solid shields, barriers and force-fields that she can project over herself or others.
    • Energy Projection: On occasion she's shown the ability to project her silver plasma energy outwards to push and offensively attack opponents with whips, bursts, plasma bolts, waves, and beams of her elemental plasma energy.
    • Flight: Argent is capable of levitate and fly at high altitudes and speeds.




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