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The Harlem Harley is a member of the Gang of Harleys, a group of activists who help Harley Quinn clean up Brooklyn.

Antonia Moore is a brassy lady — a Harlem girl, through and through. While she was with her friends in Harlem, one recommended that she look for a job on an "off the books" site. She responded to an ad Harley and Ivy posted looking for an assistant. After making it through the interview and lights-out brawl, Antonia was hired as Harlem Harley. While she and Harvey Quinn were searching for Captain Strong at Harpoon Hank's, she was ready to kick some aquatic ass, but the bartender asked her if there was a supermodel convention in town before telling her that Strong was in the men's room. Captain Strong knocked her out while on a rampage caused by space seaweed. The pair took a pretty solid beating from the scuffle, and were taken to Coney General to recuperate. Both were fine and checked out by the time Harley regained consciousness after eating the seaweed. Antonia confronted Captain Strong with the Gang of Harleys but was kidnapped with them after losing another skirmish with the surly sailor.

At some point before joining the Gang of Harleys, an ex-boyfriend gave her a stuffed doll of the Joker.

When Cooties invaded Coney Island from beneath the earth, Antonia rescued Big Tony and Harley from being electrocuted. The alien ant cocoon hatched, revealing Zorcrom of Strata, who immediately went on a murderous rampage — killing his disciples and the police responding to the commotion. When Atlee appeared to help contain the disaster, Antonia had to rein in Harley to keep her focused on the matter at hand.

  • Antonia doesn't have a driver's license. [1]
  • She is a good singer. [2]